Corporate Social Responsibility

We would like to tell you more about what Transavia is doing under Corporate Social Responsibility. To us, this means more than only taking responsibility for the environment. Important aspects in this include attention for our passengers and crew and supporting charities.

Nature conservation

Our fleet

Transavia places importance on the environment. We undertake activities in relation to our fleet to minimise the environmental impact. Examples of our activities are:

  1. New coating system

    For our fleet we use a chromate-free coating system. This is a sustainable coating system requiring lower levels of maintenance. It is also more efficient due to excellent coverage of the paint.
  2. Carbon brake discs

    We use carbon brake discs instead of steel brake discs. Carbon brake discs weigh less, which enables us to save fuel. The CO2 emissions are hereby reduced by over 2,615 tons per aircraft per year.
  3. Clean engine (engine wash)

    We clean each engine using an engine wash at least twice a year. A clean engine saves on fuel consumption. This again reduces CO2 emissions.
  4. E-Leather aircraft seats

    The material used for our aircraft seats is lighter in weight and requires less maintenance than real leather. This enables us to save on fuel and cleaning costs. 

Continuous Descent Approach 

Transavia uses the continuous descent approach. This is a landing procedure whereby an aircraft approaches the airport in a constant-angle descent.
Normally, aircraft descend in a step-down approach until initiating the final approach. This is not the case with the continuous descent approach and the aircraft have to fly less horizontal. This approach reduces fuel consumption and noise. This is because the wing flaps are used at a later stage in the descent, the aircraft remains at a higher altitude and less engine power is used for the final approach. 

Supporting charities

The Peter Pan Holiday Club

Our foundation, the Peter Pan Holiday Club, organises holidays for children who are unable to go on holiday due to illness or other circumstances. The idea was conceived in 1995 by one of our staff. Volunteers from our organisation, travel organisations and sponsors have provided these children with a brilliant holiday each year since 1996. We have already been to some wonderful destinations, including Disneyland Paris, Barcelona, Tenerife and Mallorca.