Transavia offers virtual reality on board

Amsterdam, 27 may 2015

A virtual cinema, a detailed tour of the cockpit or floating in a hang-glider high above the earth. Transavia is one of the first airlines in the world to pilot onboard virtual reality entertainment.

The first pilot was carried out on the flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona on Thursday 21 May. A few passengers were given the opportunity to try out the Oculus Rift DK2 during the flight. This Silicon Valley virtual reality sensation is not yet available in shops, but is already being used by Transavia.

Optimal onboard experience 
“We want to be pioneers,” explains Commercial Director Roy Scheerder. "Service and digital services are focal areas in the new Transavia’s goal of growing to 10 million leisure and business passengers a year. This is why we are continually looking for digital innovations to provide our passengers the best onboard experience. This initiative complements our objectives."
Virtual cockpit tour 
A handful of volunteers were able to test the virtual reality glasses. They could choose one of three programmes. One programme is a virtual cinema where passengers see themselves in an empty cinema with aircraft seats and can watch a film on a large screen. For the passengers who want to know what it is like in the workspace of a pilot, there is a virtual cockpit tour. The Transavia pilot welcomes the visitor to the cockpit of a Boeing 737 and explains, step by step, what the different instruments are for.
In the hang-glider 
The virtual flight tracker also offers a spectacular sight. You are hanging under a hang-glider and are floating far above the earth, watching the landscape passing by below. The names of the villages and towns that you fly over are clearly visible. Eventually, a large Transavia Boeing overtakes your hang-glider. "The sound of the wind and other aircraft makes this the ultimate virtual reality experience," says Scheerder.
Innovation on board 
The airline is collaborating with The Virtual Dutch Men and Yumble on this pilot. These two companies have plenty of experience in virtual reality. If everything goes according to plan, Transavia will be offering this new service within a year. Scheerder: "We want to be the aviation industry leader in the field of new products. We are proud to be one of the first airlines to start offering this virtual reality innovation on board."
Virtual reality
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