Transavia offers 100% clarity in pricing – no hidden extra costs

Amsterdam Schiphol, 29 April 2016 

If you book a flight online with Transavia, there will never be any hidden extra costs. The airline hereby already meets a new bill, which calls for an immediate ban on this so-called surcharging.
It is one of the greatest annoyances of people who fly. They buy a ticket online and end up paying more than the amount that was first presented. In 2018, a new guideline will come into force that forbids businesses in the entire European Union from charging these hidden surcharges. Roland van Vliet from the political party, PVV does not want to wait that long and is calling for a new bill to be introduced much earlier in the Netherlands. Presently, sellers may charge up to 0.3% of the transaction costs for credit card payments and 0.2% for debit card payments. That limit is rarely upheld. ‘Go and book a ticket online, when it’s time to pay there is always an extra charge on top’, says the MP.

A transparent price
It does not apply everywhere, however. Transavia aims to be the most affordable and accessible airline in Europe. So last year, the company introduced a completely transparent fare structure with three distinct packages: Basic, Plus and Max. With this, passengers can always select the price and travel experience that suits them. ‘We do not believe in hidden costs’, states CEO Mattijs ten Brink. ‘Even if our passengers book a ticket online. We always offer one transparent price, so including any surcharges and without separate booking or reservation costs.’

About Transavia
Transavia, a member of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group, operates scheduled and charter flights to more than 110 destinations, primarily in Europe and Northern Africa. Transavia has 50 years of experience and is the accessible low-cost airline in Europe, leading in hospitality, service and digital services. Transavia offers an attractive basic price for both leisure and business travellers with additional (paid) products and services. Transavia carries 11 million passengers a year and operates with a young and environmentally friendly fleet. Transavia offers flights from its seven hubs in three European markets; the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam/The Hague, Eindhoven), and France (Paris, Nantes and Lyon) as well as from Munich in Germany.