Transavia celebrates stay-at-homers

Schiphol, 11 July 2017. This summer, Transavia will be transporting more than a million passengers to their holiday destinations. Many of these travellers would not have been able to leave home were it not for the stay-at-homers who watch their homes while they are away. That is why, starting today, Transavia is celebrating these ‘enablers’ during its ‘Stay-at-homers campaign’.

Schiphol, 11 July 2017

These are the people who water the plants, feed the pets and bring in the mail – and are not necessarily a direct target group of Transavia. “We invest considerably in the passenger experience with such aspects as our renowned hospitality on board, but felt it was time to draw attention to those who make travel possible for many people,” explains Head of Commercial Erik-Jan Gelink. “Since these stay-at-homers are indispensable for some, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to thank their stay-at-homer with the chance to win airline tickets.”

For two weeks in June, travellers could register and thank their stay-at-homer at The campaign video was driven by digital billboards around and at the airports with Transavia departures and through social media, YouTube and at A total of 7,500 travellers registered their stay-at-homer. They thanked them for watering the plants (24%), feeding the dog (18%) and cat (16%) and for maintaining the garden (12%), with one or two people expressing thanks for caring for the snake. No fewer than 1.5% of holidaymakers even came home from holiday to a full fridge.

The second phase of the campaign will be launched today by means of a video in which the winning stay-at-homers will be surprised and thanked with two airline tickets. This is the perfect conclusion to the campaign and also lets the stay-at-homers enjoy a well-earned holiday. The video was launched via several channels, including social media, YouTube and All holidaymakers who registered a stay-at-homer who didn’t win will be sent a €5 voucher by e-mail. If they wish, they can forward this voucher to their stay-at-homer. Transavia wishes everyone – holidaymakers and stay-at-homers alike – a good summer!
Transavia celebrates stay-at-homers

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