Transavia campaign revolves around kindness

Schiphol, 16 June 2015

‘The power of kindness’ is the key element in the new campaign that is to be launched this week by Transavia. The goal is for the largest low-cost airline in the Netherlands to emphatically showcase itself as the love brand that offers you not only affordable prices, but also hospitality and friendly service.
The new campaign is part of the strategic change implemented earlier this year by Transavia. Among other things, all new aircraft now read the phrase ‘Welcome’ in the fifteen languages of the countries the airline operates in. “Hospitality has been integral to Transavia for the past fifty years,” says Commercial Director Roy Scheerder. “But that one word means so much more at Transavia. We make a human connection with every single Transavia passenger. This is the genuine hospitality we not only want to express on board, but all over the world.”
Kindness is catching
With this brand promise as the starting point, strategic creative boutique agency KOKORO spent the past few months working on the brand-new campaign. ‘The power of kindness’ is the result. The commercial focuses on the contagiousness of kind behaviour. From holding the lift door for someone running towards it and letting someone borrow your phone when their battery’s dead to the Transavia stewardess picking up a stuffed animal and giving it to the child who dropped it.
The power of kindness
“The idea behind the campaign is that we seem to have forgotten somewhat about kindness. And that’s a pity because there is tremendous strength to be found in it. It makes you healthier. Happier,” says KOKORO Amsterdam founder, Rik Heijmen. Last winter, the agency won the pitch organized by Transavia and can now call itself a partner. “We all have an innate sense of kindness and, moreover, it’s extremely catching, which makes the world a better place to live in. That is what we intend to remind people of with this campaign.”
‘Let me take your selfie’
Dorst&Lesser is responsible for campaign activation in social media. Four friendly products have been developed that enhance the feel-good factor for all travellers. “We highlight the strength of a kind gesture and give people a helping hand in carrying out acts of kindness – all in a playful manner,” explains Scheerder. The online platform shows how holidaymakers respond to the friendly products. The social concept will go live by the end of June.
In addition to KOKORO Amsterdam (strategy and brand concept) and Dorst&Lesser (social activation), Transavia is collaborating with two other partners on this campaign. MEC is responsible for the media strategy and purchase of offline media, while the online media purchasing and strategy lies in the hands of DQ&A.
Best of both worlds
Transavia aims to be the most affordable and accessible airline in Europe. Hospitality is an important part of that ambition. “This brand campaign is a response to that,” says Scheerder. “In fact, we are offering the best of both worlds. Kindness and service combined with always affordable airline tickets. That’s the message of the new Transavia. Welcome to Transavia.”
About Transavia – Transavia, a member of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group, operates scheduled and charter flights to more than 110 destinations, primarily in Europe and Northern Africa. Transavia has nearly 50 years of experience and is the most affordable and accessible low-cost airline in Europe, with a strong focus on hospitality, service and digital services. Transavia offers an attractive basic price for both leisure and business travellers with additional (paid) products and services. Transavia carries 10 million passengers a year and operates with a young and environmentally friendly fleet. In the Netherlands, we fly from Amsterdam, Rotterdam/The Hague, Eindhoven and Groningen and, in France, from Paris, Nantes, Lyon and Strasbourg.