Offering consistently transparent ticket pricing, without extra costs Transavia passengers choose the service that fits their needs

Transavia is making flying even more accessible. Today the airline launched three new fares that make it simple for passengers to select, and travel with, the service that best fits their needs: Basic, Plus and Max.

"Transavia wants to become the most affordable and accessible airline in Europe. Our new fare structure represents the next step towards that ambition. It allows all of our passengers to choose the travel experience they desire, simply and quickly," says Commercial Director Roy Scheerder. Basic is designed for travellers whose main concern is affordability and who are looking for the lowest price. 

Extra service, fast
Passengers looking for that extra bit of service over and above Transavia's standard high level of quality can now choose Plus. These passengers may then check-in up to 20 kg of baggage and can choose from any available standard seats. Need to change the details or time of your flight? This is possible up to two weeks before departure, at no extra charge. You'll pay only the difference in the price of the flights. 

Max is especially for the business traveller who is looking for extra comfort and flexibility. This fare lets passengers change the flight or name of the passenger at no expense up to two hours before departure; it guarantees your choice of all available seats and allows for up to 30 kg of checked baggage. "This means that each and every passenger can quickly and simply choose the service they want, and they can be assured of the best price when they do," according to Scheerder. 

A single clear price 
The new fare structure unveiled today offers the same ease of use. "Above all, accessibility should mean no hidden costs," Scheerder says. "That's why all our fares are clear and competitively priced. This means we can offer our passengers a single clear price with surcharges included, and without extra reservation or payment fees. You'll only incur additional charges if you opt for an extra service such as checked baggage or seating with extra legroom. But that's of course unless you opt for our Plus or Max fare, in which case these services are included in the price."

For more information on Transavia: Corporate Communications, or call 020-6046202.

About Transavia: 
Transavia, part of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group, offers scheduled and charter flights to over 110 destinations, primarily in Europe and Northern Africa. With nearly 50 years of experience, it is Europe's oldest "low cost" airline. It is the most affordable and accessible airline in Europe; at Transavia, hospitality and service—digital and otherwise—are top priorities. Transavia offers both holiday and business travellers an attractive basic ticket price with the option of purchasing additional products and services. Transavia carries 10 million passengers annually and operates a fleet of new, environmentally friendly aircraft. The airline maintains routes departing from Amsterdam, Rotterdam/the Hague, Eindhoven and Groningen in the Netherlands, and from Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Strasbourg and Lille in France. For more information visit our website at