New uniform for Transavia crew - “Employees design onboard uniforms”

Schiphol, 18 May 2015

The Transavia cabin crew has been given a ‘makeover’. More than fifteen hundred cabin crew members of the second largest airline in the Netherlands and Transavia in France will be wearing a new uniform starting today. Interesting aspect: co-creation, i.e. the employees helped design the new uniforms.

The brand-new uniforms are part of the strategy change recently announced by Transavia. “We want to continue investing substantially in our people,” explains Managing Director - Chairman Mattijs ten Brink.  “These uniforms fit in perfectly with the new Transavia. They enable employees to even better express the sentiment and story of this fabulous airline in coming years.”

Crew sourcing
The ideas for the new uniform originated through ‘crew sourcing’. The cabin crew and the Sales & Service desk employees were given the opportunity to indicate what would be comfortable to wear, would make them feel good and what items the clothing line should include. Lots of ideas were submitted in the form of mood boards, drawings and home-made articles of clothing. “They were surprisingly original and very much usable,” says design consultant Bas van Wayenburg, who set to work with all suggestions received and translated them into a wearable uniform. Employees also had the opportunity to vote on the main colours, style and further detailing of the Transavia uniform components.

Twenty-three articles of clothin
Transavia cabin crew personnel require no fewer than 23 different articles of clothing and accessories - for men and women, for hot and cold days, and for indoors and outdoors. The current uniform consists of twelve new items for women and eleven for men. “The women now have trousers, a skirt, dress, blouse, T-shirt, cardigan, coat, vest, scarf, belt, overcoat and winter scarf/shawl,” says Van Wayenburg. “The men have trousers, a coat, vest, shirt, belt, tie, handkerchief, overcoat, cardigan and scarf.”

Ultimate wearing comfort
In October of last year, around 45 employees were given the new uniform to try out. Without exception, the feedback was positive: “Almost no wrinkling,” “professional yet feminine” and “ultimate wearing comfort” were among the responses given. Of course, suggestions for improvements were also given. “We took those suggestions to heart,” says Van Wayenburg. “The blouse design, for instance, was adapted extensively, the vest lengthened by two centimetres, the zipper on the side of the dress moved to the back, the scarf enlarged and the hood attached to the women’s overcoat has been reinforced. The result is quite impressive.”

Leading airline
For Transavia, the new uniforms mark the next step in the strategic change implemented earlier this year by the airline. “We aim to be the most affordable and accessible airline in Europe, one that sets the tone in hospitality, service and digital services”, says Roy Scheerder. “Our visual identity has been updated, the website made more user-friendly and we’ve introduced various new products and services to enhance the positive experience of customers and passengers. In addition to these changes, the focus is now on our cabin. The new style will also be introduced on board in June. This includes an updated magazine, entertainment app and packaging materials. Our crew will also start working with tablets. This fully digital working method makes the processes more efficient and expands our service orientation. The new uniforms also fit in nicely with this and perfectly represent the look & feel of the new Transavia.”

About Transavia – Transavia, a member of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group, operates scheduled and charter flights to more than 110 destinations, primarily in Europe and Northern Africa. Transavia has nearly 50 years of experience and is the most affordable and accessible low-cost airline in Europe, with a strong focus on hospitality, service and digital services. Transavia offers an attractive basic price for both leisure and business travellers with additional (paid) products and services. Transavia carries 10 million passengers a year and operates with a young and environmentally friendly fleet. In the Netherlands, we fly from Amsterdam, Rotterdam/The Hague, Eindhoven and Groningen and, in France, from Paris, Nantes, Lyon and Strasbourg.