Want to learn more about Transavia’s photography and filming policy, sponsoring or visual materials? We would be happy to explain this below.

Media requests

Media questions
If you are a journalist and would like information about Transavia, the Transavia spokespersons work in the Communications department, they provide information to the media and handle requests for interviews and recordings.

Photos and filming

If you wish to photograph or film our aircraft, inside our aircraft, our staff or our sales & service desk, you always need approval from first via our Communications department.

Your application must meet the following conditions:

  • Photography or filming is only possible if it does not disrupt our flight schedules.
  • Transavia will evaluate each application separately. Photos or film can’t include any elements that may harm Transavia and/or its partners.
  • Transavia has the right to end a photo shoot or filming at any time.
  • Applications must be in at least one week in advance.
  • You need our employees’ permission before filming or photographing them.
  • Should you wish to film one of our airport check-in desks, you will need airport approval in addition to approval from Transavia.


Here you will find a selection of Transavia images available for download, with royalty free usage. We do however appreciate source acknowledgement.

Download now (JPG file)
Download now (JPG file)


Did you know Transavia has its own YouTube channel? Here you will find Transavia videos and commercials, as well as videos from passengers and other interested parties.